Chiropractic Principles

When all of your body's systems, including your musculoskeletal, nervous and vascular systems, are functioning properly, your body possesses the ability to healing itself. This state is called homeostasis.

Injuries or stress can alter the normal biomechanics or alignment of your spine. This can cause your nervous system to function improperly, leading to headaches, neck and back pain, paraesthesia (numbness and tingling) in the arms or legs, and other kinds of problems. Many conditions can be linked to problems with the spinal cord and nervous system, this is the "mind-body" connection that forms the basic principles of chiropractic.

The two major, underlying principles are:

  • The body's functions are all interrelated, and the structure and condition of the body influences it's ability to heal itself.

  • The mind-body relationship is responsible for maintaining health and healing, and is only possible with a healthy spine.



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